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Floor Mats

Frequently Asked Questions

The car mat is an essential automotive accessory for the passenger compartment.  Made of carpet, PVC or rubber, it plays an essential role that goes far beyond aesthetics. Rubber mats are easier to clean and their honeycomb structure helps retain dirt. Car mats protect the upholstery from dirt and moisture. If a large amount of moisture enters the vehicle, it can seep through to the bottom of the vehicle and cause corrosion.

Step 1 Remove and beat car floor mats

It's best to remove these unwanted items before brushing and wiping with a microfiber cloth. Shake them outside the vehicle as hard as possible to avoid spreading the dirt on your seats. After shaking them, take a stick or broom and beat them. This will help to thoroughly dust the car floor mats.

Step 2 Vacuum

Vacuum car floor mats! Place them on a table and get a vacuum cleaner. Vacuum several times until you can no longer see dirt between the carpet pile and the ridges.

Step 3 Prepare the solution

Take your sink and fill it with 200 ml of hot water. Add 500 ml of white vinegar and two tablespoons of dishwashing liquid (odorless if possible). Mix well.

Step 4 Clean car floor mats

Next comes the brushing phase. Using a stiff bristle brush, dip your stiff bristle brush into the sink. Once soaked, scrub your car floor mats.

Step 5 Wipe down the mats

 No need to rinse, just wipe with your microfiber cloth. Reassemble your mats and hit the road.

car floor mats tend to deteriorate quickly, especially around the driver's seat. car floor mats allow moisture to penetrate, accelerating the corrosion of the floor.

Here's how you can protect your car floor mats:

1. Use rubber mats: Rubber mats resist water and dirt.

2. Clean regularly: Use special cleaning products for car mats.

3. Use a carpet protector: After cleaning your car floor mats, protect the exposed areas where you often place your feet with a generous application of a waterproofing or protective film.

4. Change shoes or use blankets: If your shoes are dirty, consider changing them or covering them with plastic or newspaper before entering the car.

Many people wonder if it's possible to machine wash their car floor mats. It's not a bad idea, but we don't recommend it. Our universal and custom car floor mats are made of PVC (or rubber) and carpet. These materials are not compatible with machine washing. In addition, car floor mats made from car floor mats have a non-slip coating on the underside. This non-slip coating can be damaged by machine washing.

Some car washes have special detergents for car floor mats, and it's perfectly possible to wash your rugs there.

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