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Valve Cover & Parts

Frequently Asked Questions

The valve cover is a key component of a vehicle's engine, often located on the top of the engine block. It is a metal or plastic cover designed to cover and protect the rocker arms, valves, and lifters. Automotive valve covers are most commonly made from materials such as aluminum, reinforced plastic, or composite. One of the primary functions of the valve cover is to ensure that the engine is sealed to prevent engine oil leaks. For this reason, the valve cover is equipped with a gasket.

The procedure for cleaning the valve cover is similar to that for replacing the gasket. You must locate the rocker cover and remove all fasteners. From there, you can clean the removed cover with degreaser or brake cleaner. Do the same with the cylinder head cover to remove dirt and oil. If necessary, you can replace the valve cover gasket before putting everything back in place.

The valve cover gasket is a part of your vehicle's engine. It's a part of your vehicle that provides a good seal between the top of the cylinder head and the valve cover. The role of the valve cover gasket is to provide a seal between the cylinder head cover and the top of the cylinder head, allowing oil to be stored at the top of the engine to lubricate the camshafts and valves. The valve cover gasket is designed to prevent engine oil leaks. This part forms the connection between the rocker cover and the engine cylinder head and ensures that these parts are watertight.

Step 1: Make sure your engine is cold.

Step 2: Open your hood and locate the valve cover.

Step 3: Remove the tubes from the valve cover.

Step 4: Loosen the mounting screws with a wrench.

Step 5: Remove the valve cover.

Step 6: Remove the gasket to be replaced.

Step 7: Clean the valve cover gasket area.

Step 8: Carefully position the new seal.

Step 9: Replace the valve cover.

Step 10: Tighten the bolts with your wrench.

Step 11: Replace the tubes you removed.

The valve cover is one of the most durable parts on a car. In fact, it can last the life of the vehicle. However, it should be checked from time to time to make sure it isn't damaged. What's more, the valve cover gasket has a limited life of 100,000 km. In other words, it should be replaced every 10 years or less.

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