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Headlight Assemblies

Headlight Assemblies

Frequently Asked Questions

A headlight assembly, also called a headlamp or headlight in automotive vehicles, is a pair of lights attached to the front of the car that is used for illumination when the car is driving at night or on dimly lit roads, including the entire assembly of lamp housings, fog lamps, turn signals, headlights, lines, etc. While there are many assemblies available on the market, their components are also sold individually if you're looking to replace just one part. It is common to find multiple parts in a headlight assembly, and while they can be replaced with original equipment manufacturer parts, this is also a common area for upgrades and aftermarket modifications. More details.

Oxidation of headlight assemblies happens over time, so don't wait until your bulbs burn out, which is unsafe. You may not realize how bad your headlights have gotten over the years. If you notice your bulbs are dim or flickering, it's time to replace them. Cloudy or textured lenses scatter your bulb's light and prevent it from efficiently illuminating the road ahead. And as a rule of thumb, if one bulb is dead or fading, the other won't be far behind. Replace both bulbs simultaneously. If your headlights aren't crystal clear, they're not working as well as they should. If they're so bad that you can't see the bulb through them, it's definitely time to get them fixed.

Step 1: Remove the old headlight assembly

Locate the two bolts at the top of the assembly and remove them with a wrench or socket. Set them aside.

Step 2: Slide the assembly out

You should be able to gently slide the entire assembly out to release the headlight mount tabs from the slots on either side.

Step 3: Disconnect the assembly

Remove the headlight retaining ring from the headlight by turning it counterclockwise. Remove both bulb sockets from the headlight assembly.

Step 4: Disconnect electrical connections

Disconnect the electrical connectors from the headlight and parking light sockets.

Step 5: Remove old components

Remove the screws at the top of the headlight/parking light assembly. Remove the old headlight wiring harness.

Step 6: Replace the assembly

Transfer the headlight harness to the new assembly by removing the screws to make room as you did on the old assembly.

Step 7: Connect the new assembly

Once the bulbs are secured in their sockets, you can plug them into the new assembly. Rotate the retaining ring clockwise onto the socket to secure the light.

Step 8: Reconnect electrical connectors

Reconnect the electrical connectors of the headlight and parking light sockets.

Step 9: Install the new headlight assembly

Position the assembly so that the bracket tabs line up with the slots, then slide the headlight inward to engage the tabs. Replace the two screws at the top of the assembly.

Whether it is time to replace your damaged headlamps or upgrade your vehicle accessories to improve vision, cost should be your primary concern. The cost of a new headlight assembly varies depending on the year, make and model of your car. The cost of a replacement headlight assembly is determined by the price of the product that fits your model and the labor cost for installation.

Average cost of a replacement headlight assembly

The average price for a set of aftermarket headlight assemblies ranges from $75 to $200. The cost of replacing headlight assemblies for vehicles with HID or LED lights will definitely be higher than for vehicles with simple halogen lights. Before you replace the headlight assembly, you can check online which headlight assembly your car needs.

Average Labor Cost

Labor costs depend on how you get the job done. If you replace the entire headlight unit yourself, the average cost could be $75 to $400. If you take it to an auto repair shop, you'll have to pay at least $250-$1000 in headlight assembly replacement costs.


Replacing the entire headlight assembly will cost you an average of $75 to $400 if you do it yourself. Hiring someone to replace the entire headlight assembly for you will be more expensive. You need to be prepared to spend $250 to $1000 to have your headlight replaced professionally.

Shopping for headlight assemblies online with MOSTPLUS is easy, just browse through an extensive selection of the best assemblies and find one that suits you! If you need more help finding the right headlight, all you have to do is sort by year, make and model. While you're shopping for headlight assemblies, be sure to check out other complementary categories like LED headlights, HID bulbs, roof racks and truck bed covers so you can shop for everything you need in one place.

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As a brand, we will continue to improve and iterate on our products. You can always come back and find a whole new range of products.

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