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Idle Air Control Valve

Frequently Asked Questions

It's perfectly safe to disconnect the IAC valve, and it shouldn't cause any damage. If everything is normal, disconnect it while the engine is idling. However, the IAC valve is important for keeping the air flowing when the engine is not running. Therefore, there is a risk that removing this valve may cause undesirable effects.

Use a brush to remove dirt from the valve surface. If you're cleaning the inside of the valve, you'll need a special cleaner, such as a carburetor cleaner.

Clean the inside of the triangular face to remove dirt and make sure there is no carbon residue remaining. Spray cleaner on the valve's pointed end until you remove all carbon or debris.

To ensure your engine is spotless, initiate your vehicle and allow it to idle for several minutes without driving. You can start your car and listen to its idling noise. If dirt was an issue, you should now observe a better sound and your vehicle will operate seamlessly.

Several ways to test an idle air regulator exist:

1. Check the voltage with the engine running. It should be between 11 and 14 volts;

2. Measure the coil resistance and ground with a multimeter. The resistance should be about 10 ohms, while the ground should be closer to 30 MOhm;

3. Check the coil winding for shorts or cracks.

4. Check idle air regulator bypass opening and closing.

After testing the IAC valve, if you find a problem, you can try resetting the valve. Resetting the valve is a temporary solution. It can help your IAC function until you can fix or replace it.

If you wish to try resetting the IAC valve, here is our easy-to-follow procedure.

Step 1: Turn the vehicle to the on position.

Step 2: Place the vehicle in park p and press the emergency stop button.

Step 3: Slowly step on the accelerator.

Step 4: After releasing the pedals, leave the car in the on position for about five seconds.

Step 5: Turn the car off and leave it off for about 10 seconds.

Step 6: Turn the car back on and make sure the car is idling properly.

Having a professional or someone who knows your car well adjust the idle air control (IAC) valve is best. The process can be different depending on the make and model of your vehicle. However, I can generally give you an idea of how people typically do it.

Firstly, locate the IAC Valve, which is usually on or near the throttle body. Ensure the engine is off and has cooled down for safety reasons. Depending on your car, you may need to disconnect the electrical connector and remove bolts to take out the IAC valve. Carefully remove the valve.

Some IAC valves contain a small adjustment screw that you can turn to change the idle speed. Set the idle screw on the throttle body until the car idles at 450 +-50 RPM. Adjusting this screw can increase or decrease the airflow, thus affecting the idle speed. Finally, please restart your car and check the idle, it should be 750RPM

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