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Roll-Up Tonneau Cover

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to keeping your truck bed safe, secure and dry, there are many options to choose from. One popular choice is a roll-up truck bed cover. Roll-up covers are made of soft but durable weatherproof vinyl or nylon that covers the top of your truck bed and stays flexible in extreme temperatures. They are an easy solution to keep your tools safe and give you peace of mind.  The cover is rolled out over the bed as needed using an attachment system such as strong nylon straps along the bed rail. You can roll and unroll as many times as you need.  

Soft roll-up tonneau cover

The most common and basic type of tonneau cover is the soft tonneau cover. Most roll-up tonneau covers are made of soft vinyl and use Velcro on the sides to secure the tonneau in place.

Hard roll-up tonneau cover

To address the security issues left by a soft roll-up tonneau cover, some of the more hard roll-up truck bed covers are made of either hard plastic or lightweight metal slats such as aluminum. Because the material is bulkier, it takes up more space when rolled up than a soft tonneau cover does when retracted. A hard roll-up cover usually requires supporting rails that need to be properly aligned.

Soft covers are relatively inexpensive: A roll-up tonneau cover is generally less expensive than other cover options.

Lightweight: The simple fabric structure of a roll-up tonneau makes it easy to fold or remove.

Provide unobstructed access to the bed: The ability to position a roll-up cover exactly where you want it provides maximum cargo bed flexibility.

Sleek, low-profile designs: The low-profile, lightweight design of Roll Up Truck Bed Covers looks great.

Intuitive operation: Easy to use, it only takes seconds to open and close.

Step 1: Wipe and clean the tonneau before installation. If there is a gap between the front and side of the bulkhead, glue the weatherstrip to the front bulkhead and align both ends equally.

Step 2: Place the cover assembly on the bulkhead in front of the truck bed.

Step 3: Place one side rail on the truck bed and slide it into the channel of the cover assembly.

Step 4: Tighten the set screws on both corners to secure the joint, then do the same for the other side.

Step 5: Insert the lower clamps into the lips of the truck bed rails and tighten the socket head cap screws for the drawbar clamps.

Step 6: Make sure the crossbars are resting on the side rails, push the rear latch down into the slots of the side rails.

Step 7: Lift the canopy up at both ends to verify that the canopy is fully secured.

Step 8: Make sure that the cover with the Velcro closes tightly and horizontally on the rails.

Step 9: Complete the installation.

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