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Wheel Spacers

Frequently Asked Questions

Any car or tuning enthusiast knows what wheel spacers are for. These aluminum alloy plates are inserted into the wheel hub. They increase the track between the wheels, align the rim flush with the fender, and give the vehicle a sportier look. Wheel spacers widen the stance of a vehicle with factory wheels. Unlike wheel adapters, spacers maintain the same bolt pattern as the vehicle. Wheel spacers come in different thicknesses, and it's important to choose the right thickness to maintain proper wheel offset. Wheel spacers have different uses and functions and are available in different models. Read more.

Wheel spacers are used to increase axle width. They are a common feature in tuning. Beyond their aesthetic value, wheel spacers influence vehicle safety and stability, so it's essential to assess their characteristics and install them properly. Wheel spacers are also necessary when fitting automotive parts such as brakes or rims. Contrary to popular belief, wheel spacers do not alter suspension geometry, compromise rim balance, or modify the turning radius. They increase wheel overhang to improve driving performance. Handling in bends increases in proportion to the thickness of the cab spacers.

Step 1 Removing the Wheels

Step 2 Use thread locker on your original studs

Step 3 Put Spacers in Hub

Step 4 Slide the wheel spacer onto your original studs.

Step 5 Tighten the lug nuts

Step 6 Reinstall Your Wheel

Step 7 Make sure you torque your lug nuts

Read more.

Some people swear by spacers and say they are great items to adjust the offset of your wheels; especially if you make a mistake and buy the wrong aftermarket wheels due to a measurement error. Others say that wheel spacers are the devil and should never, ever be used because they can do more damage to your vehicle than it's worth. It's not that simple. While several things can go wrong, it really comes down to what you buy and how you install your new wheel spacers.

In conclusion, wheel spacers are safe for everyday driving as long as you have quality spacers and they are installed correctly.

Wheel spacers affect handling in two main ways: widening the track and increasing inside wheel clearance.

The increase in track width gives your car an exaggerated, sporty and powerful look. With larger wheels and tires, the effect is most pronounced. Wheel spacers allow you to add more inside wheel clearance. This is effective in preventing larger wheels or wider tires from rubbing against fenders, shocks, and other suspension parts.  

Because spacers essentially move the center of the wheel closer to the hub assembly, they subtract from the offset. Reduced offset results in wider track. By pushing the wheels farther away from the vehicle hub, they increase the track width, which reduces body roll. This helps improve the lateral grip of your tires. The tires are more evenly loaded, resulting in better vehicle handling and faster acceleration out of a turn. This adds stability and improves handling even if the tire size is not changed.

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