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Tow Mirror

Tow Mirror

MOSTPLUS Towing Mirrors are a complete mirror replacement and include a pair of driver and passenger side mirrors. To get your towing mirrors in the position you desire, simply pull them out with the easy telescoping design. MOSTPLUS Towing Mirrors are available in many different makes and models that will give you a perfect fit. With a broad range of applications available, MOSTPLUS towing mirrors are the clear and economical choice. These mirrors offer a no-drill installation. To secure your brand-new towing mirrors all you must do is bolt them on. Another plus is reinforcement brackets are included so you don't have to worry about them vibrating or shaking. MOSTPLUS offers a 1-Year warranty against all defects in manufacturing and workmanship.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tow mirrors are improved versions of your regular side mirrors. They use two mirrors of different sizes, with one larger mirror and another smaller mirror positioned below or to the side of the larger one. The larger mirror provides a detailed view of objects close to the driver, while the smaller mirror displays objects much further away, like a trailer or a camper. Towing mirrors let you keep an eye on your trailer while driving. They extend beyond your car's regular mirrors for an improved view of what's behind you.

Tow Mirrors

Extended Viewing: Tow mirrors are larger and extend further out from the vehicle's side than regular mirrors. This extension allows you to see beyond the width of the trailer or load you are towing, reducing blind spots and improving safety.

Adjustability: Tow mirrors are often adjustable both manually and electrically.

Convex or Wide-Angle Mirrors: Many tow mirrors feature convex or wide-angle mirror glass, which provides a wider field of vision.

Integrated Features: Some tow mirrors come with integrated turn signal indicators, puddle lamps, heating elements, or even cameras.

Regular Mirrors

Standard Size: Regular mirrors, which come as factory-installed equipment on most vehicles.

Limited Field of Vision: Standard mirrors have a limited field of vision, which can be insufficient for safely towing large trailers or loads.

Fixed Position: Regular mirrors are fixed in place and don't have the adjustability required for towing.

Fewer Integrated Features: Standard mirrors typically do not have the additional features found in many tow mirrors, such as turn signals, heating elements, or cameras.

1. Drive straight and align the tractor and trailer before stopping.

2. Set the seat to your preferred height and position behind the wheel. This affects the view in the main mirrors.

3. Adjust the mirrors using the controls on the door or by manually moving the glass. If there are no electric controls, turn the glass for a 90/10 field of view.

4. Adjust the driver's side mirror to show about 10% of the trailer and 90% of the surrounding area.

5. Then, adjust the mirror's vertical view to display the back of the trailer around one quarter to one third of the way up from the bottom. This setup will provide a clear view of the lane next to the trailer and any approaching traffic in the right-hand mirror. Because when you are farther from the mirror, your view gets narrower. To get the widest view of the lane to the right of the trailer, it's alright to have a small portion of the trailer visible through the inside of the glass. Keep the rear of the trailer about one quarter to one third of the total view.

1. Remove trim covers and brackets:

Use a trim tool to remove the triangular trim cover over the mirror mounting area.

Pry out and remove the square center trim clip on the door lock lever.

Pry up on the bottom of the door grab support trim cover to remove it.

Unscrew the two 10mm bolts and remove the support.

2. Remove the window and mirror switches:

Use a trim tool to pry up and pop out the window and mirror switch.

Disconnect the connectors from the back of the window and mirror switch.

For the last black connector, use a pick to pry out the lock, then pull up on the connector to remove it.

3. Remove the door panel:

Release the trim clip under the window and mirror switch.

Disconnect the mirror connector.

Remove the trim panel and door grab area.

Unscrew the two 10-millimeter screws in the door grab opening.

Remove the panel behind the door grab.

4. Reinstall the door panel:

Reinstall the door jamb boots into the cab and into the door.

Reinstall the metal door panel support and screw in the three 10mm bolts.

Reinstall the mirror connector bracket into the door panel.

Insert the 10 mm bolt behind the door handle.

Slide the panel back into place behind the door handle.

Screw the two 10 mm bolts into the door handle.

Reinstall the door panel into the door handle.

Plug the connectors into the back of the mirror and window switch and reinstall it into the door panel.

5. Wiring and Harness Installation:

Route the lighting extension wiring harness through the door grab storage area.

Pull the harness all the way into the cab.

Repeat these steps on the passenger side.

Route the orange and white wires to the underhood fuse box.

Splice the passenger and driver side wires together.

Cut the wires to the length of the fuse box.

Strip the wires and install the fuse taps in the underhood fuse box.

Reinstall the fuse box cover.

6. Grounding and Wire Routing:

Locate and remove the 10-millimeter ground nut to the left of the accelerator pedal.

Cut and splice the gray passenger and driver side ground wires.

Attach an eyelet and secure the ground connection.

Route the orange and white wires through the firewall boot and under the hood.

Secure the wires and harness to the vehicle.

7. Finish and Test:

Reassemble and test all components for proper operation.

You can add tow mirrors. They are popular aftermarket accessories for trucks, including the Chevy Silverado 1500, especially for those who frequently tow trailers, campers, or other heavy loads. But you need to select the appropriate towing mirrors, choose towing mirrors that are compatible with your specific model year of the Chevy Silverado 1500. Make sure the mirrors are designed to fit your vehicle's make and model.

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