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Hard Tonneau Cover

Frequently Asked Questions

A truck bed cover is a type of truck bed cover that provides a great deal of protection for your pickup truck. These covers are typically made from strong materials, such as Aluminum, and feature a hard, rigid construction. Unlike soft, flexible covers, hard covers are much more difficult to penetrate, so you can enjoy years of use without worrying about your cover becoming damaged or worn over time. Tonneau covers come in a variety of styles, some of the most popular hard tonneau types include tri-fold, hinged, and hard roll-up covers.

Anti-Theft: Hard tonneau covers are secure because they keep stored cargo covered and hidden. They are more difficult to break into than soft covers and are not easily cut with a dagger, deterring theft and keeping cargo secure.

Waterproof: Rigid tonneau covers are constructed with strong panels designed to withstand the elements. They are waterproof, providing excellent protection from the elements and unwanted access.

Cool appearance: Constructed of tougher and thicker plastics and metals, hard tonneau covers often offer a sleek and streamlined appearance that contributes to the overall look of the truck.

Protects cargo: A tonneau cover prevents loose gear or cargo from being tossed over the side during a sharp turn or sudden stop.

Reduces fuel consumption: It reduces drag when you're driving. So a tonneau cover can reduce fuel consumption.

Low Profile Hard Tonneau Cover

1. Check the accessories list

2. Place the left and right side rails against the top and inside of the bed, with the extended portion of the side rails facing forward.

3. Use the supplied clamps and Allen screws to clamp the rails to the bed.

4. Attach the supplied drain tubes to the front of the side rails and push the drain hose through to the outside of the bed.

5. Place the cover on the bed, making sure the front of the cover is flush with the front of the bed and even with the sides of the bed.

6. Pass the T-shaped screw assembly through the waist-shaped groove, turn it 90 degrees and insert it into the upper hook, then turn the handle until it is tight, then tighten the thumbscrew upward.

7. Remove the safety hook and attach it to the side rail mounting block.

8. Release the latch, fold the cover-up, and stand it up while securing the support rods.

Roll Up Hard Tonneau Cover

1. Make sure all required parts are present, undamaged and correct for your vehicle.

2. Position your rails on the sides AND tailgate where the Velcro and plastic clips will be attached.

3. Position your tracks accurately, measuring where necessary. Tighten the clamps to keep them aligned. Install any cross braces.

4.  Install the cover on the truck.

Tri-fold Hard Tonneau Cover

More details, please click here.

The price of a hard truck bed cover can vary widely depending on several factors such as brand, material, size, and specific features. On average, hard truck bed covers can range from around $500 to $2,000 or more. High-end models or those with additional features such as remote locking mechanisms or aerodynamic designs can be at the higher end of this range. At MOSTPLUS, our regular price is less than $500, but we offer high-quality truck bed covers. We are committed to creating the most cost-effective products so you can spend the least money, but get the best service!

You can buy one at the online store, MOSTPLUS. Shopping for hard tonneau covers such as tri-fold hard bed cover, 4-fold bed cover and roll-up tonneau cover, online with MOSTPLUS is easy, and simply browse an extensive selection of the best truck bed covers and find one that suits you! If you need more help finding the most suitable cover, all you need to do is sort by year, make and model. While you're shopping for truck bed covers, be sure to check out other complementary categories like towing mirrors, rear bumpers, roof racks and headlight assemblies so you can shop for everything you need in one place.

You'll also find real tonneau cover reviews that will give you all the information you need to make an informed buying decision. Reading reviews on truck bed covers helps you make an informed purchase. Find the best products by reading our reviews. Read reviews from other buyers on popular covers before you buy!

As a brand, we will continue to improve and iterate our products. You can always come back and find a whole new range of products.

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