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Soft Tonneau Cover

Frequently Asked Questions

Soft tonneau covers are any tonneau cover that can roll up, fold up, or otherwise be moved without any tools to allow the pickup bed to be open. They are typically made from either vinyl, polyester or canvas, and are most often offered in an all-black color. It can fold or roll toward the cab of the truck. Some soft covers have mechanized roll-up functions that allow for extremely easy operation.

Soft Tonneau covers are light and easy to operate. many of which can be done in about an hour or less with common tools and without drilling or making alterations to your truck bed. Some are even able to open and close or roll up, with just the touch of a button.

Step 1: Wipe and clean the tonneau before installation.

Step 2: Place the cover assembly on the bulkhead in front of the truck bed.

Step 3: Put one side rail on the truck bed and slide into channel of cover assembly. Then tighten the set screws on both corners to secure the connection.

Step 4: Insert the lower clamps into the truck bed rail lips, and tighten the hex socket screws for the tow clamps.

Step 5: Release the buckles on the both sides of cover assembly, then unroll the cover completely from the bulkhead towards the tailgate.

Step 6: Make sure the crossbars lay on the side rails, push down the rear latch into the slots of side rails.

Step 7: Check whether the tarp is closing with the Velcro on the rails tightly and horizontally.

Step 8: The installation is finished.

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Whether you use your truck on a construction site, as an off roading rig, or as a family vehicle, the tonneau cover is going to get dirty. Keeping your Tonneau cover clean will not only keep it looking its best but also plays a key role in extending its life. Thankfully the process is not too complicated.

Step 1: Rinse the tonneau cover to remove any loose dirt or debris.

Step 2: Spray on the Tonneau Cover Cleaner

Step 3: Agitate using a soft bristle brush

Step 4: Spray the tonneau cover down with a strong jet of water to rinse off the cleaner

Step 5: Dry the tonneau cover using a soft microfiber drying towel

Step 6: Pull the truck in a garage or out of direct sunlight

Step 7: Let the tonneau cover cool off before applying the protecant.

When you are looking to buy a truck bed cover, you usually need to choose between a soft cover and a hard cover. Which of these two is better? There isn't really a completely accurate answer. What's more important is what you hope to get out of the tonneau cover, and how much are you prepared to pay for it? Next I will briefly talk about the advantages and disadvantages of both.

Soft truck bed Covers


Easy to install



Easily scratched by knives.

Goods in the cart can be easily stolen by thieves.

Hard truck bed Covers


Sturdy and durable

Can put things on top of the lathe cover as well


More expensive than soft lathe covers

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