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How to clean your car mats?

How to clean your car mats?

Whether rubber, carpet or any other texture, your car's floor mats need to be washed regularly to maintain their authenticity. This in turn prolongs their life. MOSTPLUS gives you its tips for effective washing.

Unfortunately, mats are probably the dirtiest thing in a vehicle - just like your car's carpet when it's unprotected. For example, cleaning the carpet of a very dirty car can be a real challenge because the fabric tends to hold and absorb dirt. Carpets are no different! In the following guide, we'll show you how to clean your carpets and rugs with ease, using simple tips that are accessible to everyone.

Carpet maintenance frequency

The frequency with which carpets need to be cleaned depends on a number of factors. The first is the quality of the carpet. The lower the quality, the greater the care and attention required. If the carpets themselves are of low quality and poorly maintained, ambient moisture, especially in winter, will penetrate them and then seep into the floor, accelerating its deterioration through corrosion.

In addition to the risk of floor deterioration, odor problems can also develop over time and need to be addressed. Not only are carpets made of materials that retain a lot of dirt, but it's even more obvious that they are the car accessories most at risk of visual and olfactory deterioration.

When should you clean your carpets?

The frequency with which you clean your carpets also depends on the environment in which you live and the use you make of your car. For example, if you live by the sea, the wear and tear caused by the sea air will be more rapid, and the dirt carried by your shoes inside the car, coupled with the presence of children and/or pets on board, will undoubtedly require more effort. The same applies to the mountains, where snow can quickly become a problem.

At the very least, carpets should be cleaned around three times a year; more frequently, depending on the various parameters mentioned above. On average, it's once a month. At best, once a week. But the frequency of maintenance obviously depends on how often the car is used.

How do I clean effectively?

Carpets and rugs must be cleaned according to a rigorous process.

For removable carpets

Before starting, it's best to remove them from the passenger compartment. This applies to both rubber and fabric mats. For carpeting, which cannot be removed, you need to proceed directly to the vacuuming sequence. Place the mats in a dry place. Shake them vigorously, either one by one or against each other, to remove all the dust. After shaking them, take a stick or broom and beat them with it. This will make it easier to dust carpets thoroughly, and save time when it's time to vacuum them.

For carpets, which cannot be removed, you need to go straight to the vacuuming stage.

Then comes the vacuuming phase. Choose a high-pressure vacuum cleaner, or even a steam cleaner with suction, which is even better than a conventional vacuum cleaner. The cleaner's dry steam removes dirt and bacteria.

The steam cleaner acts as a vacuum cleaner, thoroughly disinfecting carpets and rugs. As an added bonus, it eliminates unpleasant odors.

If you haven't used a steam cleaner yet, there are two possible next steps, depending on the type of carpet you have:

For rubber mats

Scrubbing is ideal. Use a brush to do this, and spread the mat on the floor. Of course, the floor in question must be rinsed with plenty of water before you start. Every square centimetre must be carefully cleaned. All in all, you should allow 5 to 10 minutes for each carpet.

For fabric carpets

It's best to simply apply a mixture of soap and water to the surface, and not rub too hard.

The best is to use clean cloths, with which you can work every nook and cranny of the carpet. Alternatively, dip the carpet in soapy water and leave it to soak for a few minutes.

In both cases, of course, the carpet must be rinsed afterwards. Use the water hose for this, not just a bucket. Once rinsed, the mat cannot yet be used. You need to wait for it to dry. To speed things up, you can use clothespins and hang them in the sun. But in any case, you'll have to wait until the carpet itself has dried before you can re-install the carpets.

Did you know?

How you use your vehicle can have an impact on your choice of carpets. While carpet mats are more aesthetically pleasing, rubber mats are more resistant and easier to clean. If you have children who don't care about the condition of their shoes before boarding the vehicle, if you live in an area where it rains and/or snows regularly, or if your vehicle is a utility vehicle, you should opt for rubber mats. In all other cases, carpet mats shouldn't require too much maintenance.

In conclusion, proper carpet and carpets cleaning always involves three stages: vacuuming out impurities, washing with detergent and water, and finally drying. If you don't want to design your own carpets, you'll need to choose a carpet cleaner that meets three objectives: removing stains, eliminating unpleasant odours and disinfecting the floor covering.

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