How to install an electric throttle valve?

How to install an electric throttle valve?

Product Summary

Electric throttle valve is an actuator used to control air intake of engine.

Installation Position

On the intake manifold

Failure Diagnosis

The throttle valve doesn't work

Removal of faulty parts


Torque wrench, convertible snap ring pliers, flat head screwdriver.


  • Do not damage the flange parts during disassembly.
  • For disassembly of water heating hose, it must be done after the temperature of engine cooling down, or heated water may overflow during disassembly.
  • Pay attention to the connector protection, make sure no water or other impurities get into the connector.
  • Do not reuse the electronic throttle valve that has been dropped.


  • Disassemble the connector
  • Intel Hose Disassembly
  • Disassemble the rubber hose, e.g. water heater hose (if there are such hoses).
  • Disassemble the bolts

Install new parts

  • Identify the brand and part number.
  • Be sure to clean the flanges of the intake manifold and DVE5, there should be no nick on the effective sealing surface.
  • Be sure to use new gasket or ring when installing new part.


  • Install the bolts using the crossing method.
  • Tighten the bolts.
  • Install other hoses, such as the water heater hose.
  • Install the inlet hose.
  • Install the connector

Check and confirm installation

  • Insert the key and first make it on the "ON" position about 30 seconds to ensure the electronic throttle valve to complete the learning process, and then start the engine.
  • Check the flange, hose connection, connector to ensure reliable connection and sealing.

Safety Note

The self learning process can only be finished under the special condition, so if there is no related experience, please contact qualified maintenance station to finish the installation and detection.

Suggestion on environmental protection

In order to protect the environment, please return the old changed parts to the qualified maintenance station or hand them over to the qualified waste disposal entity.

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