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What is a headlight assembly?

What is a headlight assembly?

A headlight assembly, also known as a headlamp or headlight in automotive applications, is a pair of lights attached to the front of a vehicle. They illuminate the road ahead and help the driver see traffic. An excellent headlight assembly that can perfectly solve the problems of your original car assembly, such as water ingress on rainy days, fogging, parts that do not fit well with the original car, and installation difficulties caused by lack of fasteners. It is common to find several parts in a headlight assembly. Headlight assemblies are composed of a headlight housing, headlight bulb, turn signal bulb, headlight lens, headlight reflector/projector. and they can be replaced with genuine parts from the manufacturer, this is also a common area for upgrades and aftermarket modifications.

What are the parts of the headlight assembly?


The housing is what fits into the body of the vehicle and holds and protects the bulbs from the outside world. It can be one piece or multiple pieces, depending on the model, with different colored lenses to help distinguish between headlights, parking lights, and turn signals.

Light Bulb

Arguably the most important part of a headlight assembly is the bulb itself. The most common bulbs found on modern vehicles are parking lights, fog lights, high beams, low beams, and turn signals.

Headlight Lens

The plastic part of a car headlight that covers the reflector and bulb is called the headlight lens. Dispersion optics headlight lenses are responsible for focusing, dispersing, and deflecting the luminous flux collected by the reflector. Non-patterned lenses have almost completely replaced the standard concept of a cover lens with dispersion optics.


Wires carry power to the lamps, and connectors connect them. Motors are even used in some assemblies for self-leveling adaptive headlights.

The categories of headlight assemblies

The common types of headlight assemblies on the market can be divided into the following four types:

Headlight types based on the headlight housing

  • Reflector headlights: The bulb in a reflector headlight is enclosed in a bowl-shaped housing. The bowl-shaped housing has mirrors that reflect the light onto the road.
  • Projector headlights: These headlights also consist of a bulb encased in a steel housing with mirrors. This increases the brightness of the light beam and thus projector headlights produce better illumination.

Types of headlights based on the number of bulbs

  • Quad headlights: Quad headlights have two bulbs in each of the headlights.
  • Non-Quad Headlights: A non-quad headlight has a single bulb in each of the headlights.

Headlight types based on bulb type

OEM and Aftermarket Headlight Assembly

  • OEM Headlight Assembly: OEM parts are original equipment parts with the same specifications and performance as the original.
  • Aftermarket Headlight Assembly: Aftermarket parts are manufactured by third parties not affiliated with the vehicle or the original manufacturer of the part. But they're not for everyone.

Characteristics of the headlight assembly must have

Stable performance

IP65 waterproof: The headlight is made of fully sealed PC plastic with tensile/impact strength, and IP65 protection level, even temporarily immersed in 1m deep water in rainy days will not cause harmful effects. Watertight and durable to resist all weather conditions, high stiffness and dimensional stability extend part life.

ABS plastic housing and polycarbonate lens materials enhance the reflective effect and durability, increase the protection of the bulb, and improve the performance of wear resistance and impact resistance.

Excellent function

Fitted with a headlamp angle control knob, users can adjust the angle of the headlamp to the best viewing angle. The reflector structure uses reflective structures to project light from a light source onto the road in a desired shape, creating a larger beam pattern that covers a larger area. As a result, reflection efficiency is extremely high and light loss is low. It ensures maximum light output and is 180% brighter than original headlights.

Exquisite appearance

A more advanced and fashionable body appearance can be achieved by replacing the yellowed and old original headlight assembly with a simple and elegant headlight assembly.

Compatible with the original

Meets the strict DOT and SAE safety standards required by original equipment manufacturers, and undergoes rigorous testing to ensure your safety. Compatible with original equipment manufacturer specifications for seamless replacement.

Quick installation

The headlight housing is a perfect replacement for original parts, quick and easy installation (within 20 minutes), no drilling and modifications required, just use your vehicle's existing wiring, switches, and screws to install the headlight.


Vehicle headlights are essential, not only for night vision but also for making the car visible to others. Each type of headlight bulb and housing has its advantages and disadvantages. Many types can be upgraded to give you the best lighting possible. At MOSTPLUS Auto Parts, we stock a variety of headlight bulbs, automotive lighting, engine parts, body parts and accessories, and tools & general parts for all makes and models. We offer both replacement and premium aftermarket parts.

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