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How to install Ram 1500 running board?

How to install Ram 1500 running board?

Installation of running board has always been uncomplicated, and vendors will provide installation instructions to help you do it easily. But paper instructions are always boring and time-consuming. Today, we bring you the Ram 1500 running board installation guide, follow us step by step to install it.
But before we start on that, I want to show you what these running boards would look like on the trail boss. They are nice and neat on the jack stands.

Next I'll show you this installation. These boards are from MOSTPLUS

STEP 1 Remove your package and take out all the running boards and parts inside.

Everything you need comes right out of the package:

  • Running Board * 1
  • Mounting Bracket *6
  • M8 Hexagon Bolt * 12
  • M8 Bolt Plate * 12
  • M8 Flat Washer * 2
  • M8 Hexagon Nut * 24

The picture below shows you the running board parts on one side.

Step 2 Locate the bracket mounting. When you climb under the truck, you'll see your first bracket location is right here.

Step 3 Send these bolts that go right inside that hole, and they'll pull tight once you get a nut on there.

Note: Please be very careful because you don't want these falling inside there.

Suggestion: Going ahead and installing these the way they're going to go and put a nut on this side, that way it doesn't fall through. You'll slide each side in the hole.

Step 4 Snug them up, but you don't want to tighten them up all the way until you get everything lined up.

Step 5 Find the next bolt location, so you'll take two bolts right through here.

Step 6 Once you get those bolts through, take a nut and slide one on each bolt. All you want to do is snug those up until we get the boards on the brackets and get them lined up.

Note: After installing the first bracket, you will need to install the other two. You have another mounting location halfway down the truck, and then your third mounting location is right on the back.

Step 7 Loosen the running board bolts. You'll flip it over. You see you got six bolts on the back. You want to loosen those up and slide them into place.

Step 8 Take a look at your bracket. You can see that this one's closed off, and then this front one actually has an opening, so you don't want to take off but the back bolt, leave this one on so you can slide the board on.

Step 9 Once you get the board slid into place, take your other three bolts and tighten everything up on the bottom, and then go back and tighten up the brackets.

Step 10 Install the next bolt, take a small screwdriver and just slide that square nut right over and tighten down your bolt.

Step 11 We're all finished up here. That was a really easy install. Here's a closeup of the board, not bad at all.

You've got plenty of room to step up on this board. It's a 6-inch wide step, and they turned out pretty good.

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