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How to use a car sun visor?

How to use a car sun visor?

All of our cars are equipped with sun visors. A car sun visor is generally used to protect you from the sun's rays. These same rays can be dangerous because they can interfere with driving when you're behind the wheel of your car. As soon as you open it, the sun visor protects you and helps you see better behind the wheel. But what are they really for? To protect you from the sun... yes, but not only that! Learn more about the many uses of this part of your car. Discover these other secret functions of the sun visor that very few people know about and use. Here are some uses for the sun visor in the car that nobody knows about.

How to use a sun visor in my car?

At first glance, a sun visor is a very simple component that all cars have. Many drivers never use them, preferring to protect their eyes from the sun with glasses, which can be more practical. However, the usefulness of the sun visor should not be overlooked.

The sun visor can also protect the driver from the sun's rays coming from the left side of the car, simply by pressing the small flap used to pull it out.

So when it comes to adjusting sun visors, there are many options. Adjustments to improve vision are always possible when using the sun visor because it's important to stay alert on the road. The sun visor is the only protective device that uses diffusion and chromatic aberration technology to ensure safe and absolutely clear vision.

This small piece of leather or plastic is a considerable asset. If only for safety's sake. There's nothing worse than riding with the sun in your face. In fact, it's extremely dangerous: you can't see a thing.

The good news is that it not only protects you from the sun but also from too much light. If you're not very tall, like me, you should know that there are extensions that you can put over the original sun visor. We later decided to integrate them into the driver and passenger side of the cabin. But did you know that it has other uses besides hiding the sun?

Other uses for the sun visor, the solution for small visors

1. You can attach your phone

New cars have automatic sun visors, but older cars do not. You can even attach your mobile phone. But if the visors are too small, the sun shines through and smartphones and tablets can't be attached. Just buy the extra holder that attaches to the side of the visor and you've solved the problem.

2. Protects side windows

Did you know that sunshades can rotate? Just unhook the right part (for the driver) and rotate it towards the side window. When positioned correctly, the sun visor will block the sun from the driver's side, which could interfere with driving. Do the same for the passenger side.

3. For storing papers

Yes, one of the most common uses of this part of the car is to store documents. How do you do it? Thanks to a semi-rigid strip. It allows you to slide in some papers so they don't fall out.

It's super handy for things like a parking pass or a driver's license. It's also great for your rental car papers. Some people use it as a briefcase for personal or car documents. In the event of a police stop, you'll have everything at your fingertips. Unfortunately, not all cars come with one. In that case, use a rubber band. Wrap it around the sun visor and slide your documents underneath.

4. It has a clip for hanging tickets

For those who don't have electronic toll collection, you'll still need a ticket on the highway. And to make sure you don't lose it, we're always looking for a good place to keep it. Well, look no further! Some cars have a small clip on the sun visor. You can use it to hang your toll or parking tickets. Clever, isn't it? A handy place, especially if you're changing drivers on the road. At least you always know where the damn ticket is!

5. The sun visor lowers the temperature

By lowering the sun visor on a hot day, you can lower the temperature inside the car. How does it do that? Because it blocks the sun's rays from entering through the windshield. And it's by hitting the windows that they raise the thermometer. So if we protect the windows, we reduce their impact and the rise in temperature. For even greater effectiveness, larger sunshades are available that cover the entire windshield.

6. It has a passenger side mirror

Need to freshen up before a date? Most brands include a vanity mirror on the inside of the sun visor. Super convenient. Even more convenient if you're lucky enough to have one that glows. You can even do your makeup at night! Of course, there's no mirror on the driver's side... The manufacturers must have been afraid of people putting on make-up or admiring themselves while driving... Not our style!

Now it's your turn...

Did you know about all these uses for sun visors in cars? When buying a sun visor, pay attention to its shape, length and material. Also check the construction of the lens you're using: you need to know its diameter and focal length. It's a good idea to use all the functions of the sun visor to reduce glare and protect the driver from the sun, giving him or her a completely clear field of vision. Let us know what you think in the comments section. We would love to hear from you!

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