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Toyota Tundra Tri-fold Hard Bed Cover —— Install & Review

Toyota Tundra Tri-fold Hard Bed Cover —— Install & Review

In this modern era where efficiency and style are key elements in every aspect of our lives, MOSTPLUS brings you an innovative and yet practical solution to protect your Tundra truck bed. Today, we are going to walk you through the installation process of our hard tri-fold tonneau cover. This cover is not your ordinary truck bed cover, as it is designed with lightweight aluminum panels that promise durability and a sleek, low-profile appearance.

Toyota Tundra with hard bed cover
Before we start, let's discuss what's included in the package. We believe in providing a comprehensive solution, so along with the tonneau cover, you'll find pre-installed handles and clamps that make the installation process a breeze. We also include waterproof strips and extra replacement parts for added convenience. For those of you with a Tundra, we've got you covered. We've included four mounting blocks to make the installation on Tundra's rails as seamless as possible.
Some bed cove replacement on the Tundra tailgate

Step 1 Install strip seal

The first step in the installation process involves the strip seal. We have designed this seal to fit perfectly along the bulkhead of your truck.

peeling off the protective backing for tundra bed cover installation

Installation is as simple as peeling off the protective backing, placing the seal in the correct position, and cutting off any excess. This ensures a perfect fit and a watertight seal to protect your cargo.

Cut the strip seal

Step 2 Put bed cover

Once you've installed the strip seal, the next step is to place the cover on the waterproof strips and align it properly.

Put Hard bed cover on the Tundra bed

Then, undo the bag buckles on either side.

Unlock the bad buckles of tonnea cover for tundra

Open the cover fully to check for any misalignment or crookedness. Once you're satisfied everything is in order, fold the cover back and secure it.

Open tonnea cover for tundra

Step 3 Screw the front clamps

Next, let's talk about the front clamps. These need to be taken off, then the edge of the truck bed should be inserted into the cover's groove.

Once in place, tighten the nut and latch the clamps down. Repeat this process on the other side. It's important to remember to tighten the clamps as much as possible to prevent any leaks.

Screw the front clamps of tonneau cover for tundra

Step 4 Roting the handles

Now, open the bed cover and fold down the last panel. Pull the handle down, positioning it upright. If it feels too loose, some rotations will help. Once adjusted, it can be put in its place.

Roting the handles of tonneau cover for tundra


A unique feature of our tonneau cover is the inclusion of a light switch, denoted by a red button. This is particularly beneficial for those late-night trips, providing visibility when you need it most.

Step 5: Close the tailgate

Finally, close the tailgate, and voila! Your truck bed is now protected with a stylish, durable, and practical hard tri-fold tonneau cover from MOSTPLUS. The cover provides complete coverage, ensuring your cargo is safe from the elements and prying eyes.

Three people stand on the truck bed cover for tundra
And there you have it! This simple and straightforward installation process lets you equip your truck with a top-quality, stylish, and durable tonneau cover from MOSTPLUS. So why wait? Enhance your truck's functionality and aesthetic appeal today with our hard tri-fold tonneau cover.

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