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Carburetor Installation Guide

Carburetor Installation Guide

Before Installation

  • Please check the package and ensure you have everything.
  • Check if the product OEM Number is the same and check the Engine Type, Model Year by the VIN code.
  • Please ensure that the surrounding environment is unpolluted before installation.
  • Please turning off the car, wait for the engine to cool down.
  • After using carburetor detergent, please use high pressure air to go out the residual detergent to avoid new deposits and blockage.


Step 1: Locate the carburetor

The carburetor is located between the air dust hose and air filter of the engine.

Step 2: Take off the old carburetor

  • Disconnect the fuel inlet pipe;
  • Loosen the screw at the interface between the carburetor and air filter, and separate the carburetor from the air inlet hose;
  • Take off the bolts at the butterfly port (throttle), other fixed carburetor screws, then take out the carburetor.


Step 3: Install the new carburetor

  • Install and cover the throttle valve cover, the short opening and idle adjustment screw should be aligned (in the same vertical direction);
  • Put the new carburetor to the air dust hose, connect it to the carburetor, and tighten the screws fixed at the air filter;
  • Tighten the bolt at the butterfly valve (throttle), connect the fuel inlet pipe and tighten the other fixing screws;
  • Installation is complete.

Step 4: Installation check and judgment

After installation, please test the engine, oil cooler and fuel pipe, filter, nozzle to ensure their normal operation.

Warning:Pay attention to installing the sealing gasket, and bolts or screws are fixed to avoid air leakage and loss of compensation before starting the car.

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