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Soft fold tonneau cover - Installation Guide

Soft fold tonneau cover - Installation Guide

How to install soft fold tonneau cover?

  • Step 1: Wash the truck bed.
  • Step 2: Place the assembled tonneau over the cab end of the truck bed.
  • Step 3: Fully unfold the tonneau and adjust its position over the truck bed for proper cab/tail alignment. Then carefully fold the tonneau back in place without moving it off the bed.

Soft fold tonneau cover - Installation Guide Step 1-3

  • Step 4: If your truck has a bed cap or bedliner that covers the metal bed flange, you will need to remove enough to allow all clamps to make firm contact. Remove only enough of the edge of the bed cap or liner wall so that the clamp contacts the bottom of the metal flange.
  • Step 5: Ensure the clamp is positioned under the bed flange. Tighten by hand until the clamp makes contact, then tighten an additional two turns. Do not tighten only to the lip of the bed liner or wall cap. Do not use a wrench or over-tighten!

Soft fold tonneau cover - Installation Guide Step 4-5

  • Step 6: With the tailgate down, fully open the tonneau cover.
  • Step 7: There are three holes, select the appropriate hole and slide the bed flanges out. Pull down the clamp lever to secure it against the bed flange.

Soft fold tonneau cover - Installation Guide Step 6-7

  • Step 8: It is very comfortable to drive with the tri-fold tonneau open. Fold the tonneau forward. Release the rear clamps. Then fold the tonneau forward and secure the straps in the center section to the front air.

Soft fold tonneau cover - Installation Guide Step 8

IMPORTANT: Before folding the second section of the tonneau, stow the rear clamps in the rail to prevent damage to the fabric. The tarp will puncture if the handle is not stowed.

IMPORTANT: While driving, the tonneau must be completely flat and secured with all 4 clamps in the closed position or completely folded up (all panels) and secured to the cab. DO NOT DRIVE with the tonneau in a partially open position.


  • The canopy cannot be removed from the aluminum frame. Damage and loss of warranty will occur if you attempt to do so. Remove any snow or foreign objects that may fold the tonneau cover.
  • Measure and cut the gasket for each side panel from the truck bed gasket to the top of the side panel frame.
  • Measure the rear of the truck bed floor and cut the tailgate seal to fit from sidewall to sidewall. Remove the release strip from the tape and apply the seal starting at one end. Do not stretch the gasket when applying.

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