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Do exhaust tips change the sound of your car?

Do exhaust tips change the sound of your car?

You're probably considering buying an exhaust tip for your car because you want to improve the look of your exhaust without having to buy and install a new one. But can a set of exhaust tips change the sound of your car?  Many modifications can be made to change the sound of your car, from major operations like replacing the exhaust system to more modest jobs like installing exhaust tips. Many people wonder if exhaust tips change the sound of a car.

Exhaust tips do have an effect on the sound of your car. The sound they help produce depends on the type of tip you choose. Some produce loud, deep sounds, while others produce rougher tones. Exhaust tips come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

Some types of tips will change the sound of your car more than others. Shorter, wider tips produce louder, deeper sounds than thinner, longer tips. In this article, we'll discuss the role of exhaust tips and highlight the different types available.

Do exhaust tips make your car louder?

In most cases, the answer is no. The main reason drivers install a set of exhaust tips is to improve the appearance of the tips - not to make their vehicle louder.

In some cases, however, exhaust tips have the ability to make your vehicle louder. This depends on the length and diameter of the tips, as not all types will increase the overall volume of your vehicle. Shorter, wider tips will make your vehicle louder. Conversely, longer, narrower tips can make your vehicle quieter.

Because they allow more exhaust to pass through and allow sound waves to bounce freely around their large chamber, shorter, wider tips tend to make your car louder.

Longer tips with smaller diameters will likely have the opposite effect, making your car quieter. This is because the reduced space restricts the flow of exhaust gases and the operation of the muffler. On the other hand, those with wide, flared ends will certainly make your vehicle louder, as they amplify the noise as you drive away.

Do exhaust tips affect performance?

No. Exhaust tips do not affect the performance of your vehicle. Rather, they are an aesthetic modification that changes the look and sound of your car. This is because they are placed at the end of the exhaust system and allow air and sound to escape rather than change the flow through the pipes.

A vehicle's performance will be altered if you manipulate parts further down the exhaust system, such as removing the muffler or modifying the exhaust pipes.


Exhaust tips are not a performance enhancement feature of a vehicle. They simply affect the sound of the car. Short, wide tips generally make the car louder, while long, narrow tips do the opposite.

Using exhaust tips to change your driving sound

Here are a few ways to change the sound of your car's exhaust using exhaust tips.

Tip diameter

Installing an exhaust tip that is wider or narrower in diameter than the exhaust pipe can change the sound of the exhaust. Make sure there is a significant difference between the diameter of the tip and the diameter of the exhaust pipe so that the tip has an audible effect on the engine noise.

A wider exhaust tip can increase the throat of the engine and exhaust sounds. On the other hand, a narrower tip can make the vehicle sound raspier.

Down-Turned Tips

While most exhaust tips point straight back like the tailpipe they adorn, some point their openings toward the ground. These downward-facing tips offer a unique method of reducing exhaust noise.

Long exhaust tips

Sound takes time to travel a distance, and the short wavelength of high frequency sounds means that these unpleasant sounds are more likely to cancel out than lower frequency sounds. Therefore, a long exhaust system is better able to disrupt unpleasant sounds.

Keep in mind that mufflers are not the most effective part of an exhaust system. If you want your car's exhaust to sound much lower, you'd better order a new muffler. That's because exhaust parts like mufflers, resonators, and pipes play a much more important role in adjusting the exhaust note.

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