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How to install exhaust tips?

How to install exhaust tips?

Want to give your car a little more style? Want to help your engine emit fumes more easily? Add some style to your car with the perfect exhaust tip. High performance exhaust systems bring you a great improvement in terms of performance and appearance for your vehicle. There are several models available on the market. To ensure that your vehicle can easily remove the fumes from its engine, we recommend that you install your exhaust tip properly. This article will walk you through the steps to follow if you need help installing your muffler tip.

Lifting Your Vehicle

For easy access to your muffler, we recommend that you lift your car. You'll need to lift your car out of the way to install your muffler tip. Place the ramps behind your rear wheels. Simply back up slowly and place your rear wheels on the ramps. Once this is done, you can easily remove your muffler, taking into account all the fasteners.

Take this opportunity to remove the existing end cap. To do this, simply use an angle grinder with a special metal disk. Then cut off the tip of your muffler.

Measure your end cap

We recommend that you start your assembly by measuring your mouthpiece. This is to avoid any unpleasant surprises. At this stage, we advise you to consider 3 dimensions:

  • Nozzle inside diameter
  • Outlet diameter
  • Tip length

Remember to check the inside diameter of your exhaust nozzle. This is an important criterion for easy connection of the two accessories. The outlet diameter should also be part of your requirements. Finally, check the length of the tip. For a little more style, choose a tip that's long enough to be visible.

Choosing the right tip

Tips are generally customizable. No matter what type of vehicle you drive, you can find a universal tip that you can modify. However, if you can afford it, opt for a stock tip that requires no modification.  Tips can be welded, clamped, or clamped in place. If you want perfect integration, opt for welding to the tailpipe or a small cutout on the bumper. Your choice of tip depends largely on the diameter of the mount.  For a sloping or oval tailpipe, don't hesitate to increase the value.

With your exhaust tip, you can give your vehicle a special look. For a car with a sporty look and impeccable finish, choose a universal round tailpipe. They are available in stainless steel, matte black or chrome.

An oval end cap is required if your outlet has the same shape. Choosing an end cap of the same shape makes it easy to install. However, nothing prevents you from choosing a model with a different shape to suit your preferences. In fact, there are swivel and rectangular models available. But whatever you choose, the important thing is to get the right result for your exhaust system. It's responsible for the noise your car makes, so don't take it lightly.

Cleaning Your Exhaust

Before you install your original muffler tip, you need to take the time to clean your exhaust pipe. It's a simple job. For safety reasons, it's best to work on a cold vehicle. Install the muffler tip on a cold vehicle. Use an appropriate oil and cloth to clean the pipe and muffler.

Installing the nozzle on the original muffler

Once you've cleaned your accessories, it's time to install the muffler tip. To do this, simply slide the tip onto the pipe. If you feel any resistance, we recommend using a little automotive grease. This will lubricate your accessory. If you notice indentations on the inlet end of the nipple, take a rubber mallet and gently tap the area. Be careful not to damage the tip.

Attaching Your Exhaust Tip

Once the tip is properly installed, it's time to think about securing it. Nothing could be easier. All you have to do is choose the style of your attachment. For added security, we recommend welding the edges of the exhaust pipe and tip together with a gasket. However, this method is far from being aesthetically pleasing. If you're concerned about the design of your original muffler, secure the tip by tightening the screws and clamps. This is a simple technique.

Taking care of your exhaust tips

To get the most out of the performance and aesthetics of your exhaust tips, we encourage you to maintain them with the right product. This is especially important if you've chosen a steel tip. This material is less resistant to rust. Don't hesitate to hire a professional to ensure a quality installation.

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