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FRP Hard Bed Cover for 2014-2024 Toyota Tundra —— Install & Review

FRP Hard Bed Cover for 2014-2024 Toyota Tundra —— Install & Review

Hailstorms can be a driver's nightmare, especially when you're worried about the potential damage to your vehicle. If you live in a city where hail is a common occurrence, protecting your truck bed cover from dents and damage is what you worry about.

This is where Mostplus steps in, offering an innovative solution to keep your truck in pristine condition, no matter the weather.

New Material FRP for hard tonneu cover

Our latest hard tonneau cover panels, made of FRP PP Honeycomb material, are designed to withstand hail, ensuring your peace of mind during harsh weather conditions.

The FRP PP Honeycomb material is not just any material; it has been rigorously tested, including our hammer test, and has proven to be more durable than the traditional aluminum covers. The design of these panels is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing with a matte black finish, aligning perfectly with your creative vision for your truck's appearance.

How to install FRP hard tonneau cover for Toyota Tundra?

Installing this hail-resistant bed cover is straightforward and requires no professional help. Here's how you can do it:

Begin with the Basics

Open the package and locate the seal strip. Apply it to the front bed, trimming any excess but leaving it slightly longer than the front bed on both sides. This ensures a snug fit and prevents any gaps.

Positioning the Tonneau Cover

Place the tonneau cover at the front of the truck bed. Adjust it to center, making sure there is no gap between the seal strip and the corner of the tonneau cover.

Fixing the Bed Cover

Assemble the clamp by inserting the knob and aluminum buckle through the T bolt to create a hook. Securely spin and tighten the clamp onto the truck bed rail to ensure the cover stays in place.

Assembling the Second Panel

For the second panel, assemble the handle by inserting the pins and handles through the T bolt, creating a clamp handle.

Unfold the second panel, spin the clamp handle up, and push it down to lock it tightly onto the truck bed rail. Repeat this for the last panel, ensuring everything is secured.

Final Touches

Close the tailgate and check the cover for any gaps. Our FRP bed cover offers additional features compared to ordinary aluminum covers, including two more handles for easier operation and a waterproof strip with a double-layer design and memory function material. This allows the bed cover to fit more closely to the sides of the lathe, effectively preventing water penetration.

Using the cover is just as easy as installing it. Simply open the tailgate, unlock the handles on both sides, fold the cover, and secure it with the bag buckle. Now, you're ready to transport your sofa, kayak, or camping equipment securely.

Embrace the outdoors and let Mostplus be your trusted companion on your adventures. With our FRP PP Honeycomb hard tonneau cover, your truck is ready to face any weather, ensuring that hail is the least of your worries. Prepare for your next adventure with confidence and style.

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