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Types of Tow Mirrors and Their Features

Types of Tow Mirrors and Their Features

Tow mirrors, also known as towing mirrors or extension mirrors, are essential accessories for vehicles engaged in towing trailers, caravans, or boats. These specialized mirrors provide increased visibility and help drivers navigate safely while towing heavy loads. With advancements in automotive technology, there are various types of tow mirrors available in the market, each with its unique features. In this article, we will explore the different types of tow mirrors and delve into their specific characteristics and advantages.

Clip-On Tow Mirrors

Clip-on tow mirrors are temporary additions to the existing side mirrors of a vehicle. They are designed to be easily attached and removed, making them a convenient option for occasional towing needs. These mirrors typically feature adjustable straps or clips that secure them onto the original mirrors. Clip-on tow mirrors are versatile and can fit a wide range of vehicle models.


  • Easy to install and remove.
  • Adjustable straps or clips for a secure fit.
  • Cost-effective solution for occasional towing.

Slide-On Tow Mirrors

Slide-on tow mirrors are similar to clip-on mirrors but slide onto the existing side mirrors instead of being attached with straps or clips. They are often custom-designed to fit specific vehicle models, providing a more secure and integrated appearance. Slide-on tow mirrors are suitable for drivers who frequently tow loads and prefer a semi-permanent towing mirror solution.


  • Slide-on design for a secure fit.
  • Customized options for specific vehicle models.
  • Improved stability compared to clip-on mirrors.

Replacement Tow Mirrors

Replacement tow mirrors are a more permanent solution for drivers who regularly tow heavy loads. Unlike clip-on or slide-on mirrors, replacement tow mirrors replace the original side mirrors entirely. These mirrors are specifically designed with extended arms to offer a wider field of view, ensuring better visibility when towing large trailers.


  • Replaces original side mirrors for a seamless look.
  • Extended arms for increased visibility.
  • Sturdier construction for long-term use.

Telescoping Tow Mirrors

Telescoping tow mirrors are equipped with extendable arms that can be adjusted to achieve the desired length. This feature allows drivers to customize the mirror's position based on the size of the towed load. Telescoping tow mirrors are popular among truck owners who frequently tow trailers of varying widths.


  • Extendable arms for customizable length.
  • Ideal for towing trailers of different sizes.
  • Enhanced flexibility in adjusting the mirror position.

Power-Adjustable Tow Mirrors

Power-adjustable tow mirrors offer electronic controls to adjust the mirror positions. These mirrors are often found in modern vehicles with power mirror options. The driver can conveniently adjust the tow mirrors with the push of a button from inside the vehicle, enhancing convenience and ease of use.


  • Electronic controls for mirror adjustment.
  • Convenient adjustment from the driver's seat.
  • Often integrated with the vehicle's power mirror system.

Heated Tow Mirrors

Heated tow mirrors come equipped with a heating element that prevents frost and ice buildup during cold weather. This feature is particularly useful for drivers who tow in winter conditions, ensuring clear visibility even in freezing temperatures.


  • Integrated heating element to prevent frost and ice.
  • Suitable for cold weather towing.
  • Improves safety by maintaining clear visibility.

Blind Spot Mirrors

Blind spot mirrors are a supplementary feature often integrated into tow mirrors. These small, convex mirrors are designed to eliminate blind spots, providing an extended view of the surrounding traffic. This additional safety feature enhances overall awareness while towing.


  • Convex mirrors to eliminate blind spots.
  • Improved safety by increasing awareness.
  • Often included as a built-in feature in tow mirrors.


Choosing the right tow mirrors depends on various factors, including the frequency of towing, the size of the load, and the driver's preferences. Whether opting for clip-on mirrors for occasional use or investing in replacement tow mirrors for a permanent solution, it is crucial to prioritize safety and visibility while towing. The diverse range of tow mirror options in the market ensures that drivers can find a suitable solution that meets their specific needs and enhances their towing experience.

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