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Fog / Driving Lights

Frequently Asked Questions

To activate your fog lights, turn on the headlight control on the left-hand side of the steering wheel. Simply turn the control knob until it reaches the fog light symbol.

As the name suggests, fog lights are a type of headlight specially designed to enhance the driving experience when driving in difficult weather conditions, such as fog, heavy rain or heavy snow. There are two types of fog lights on your car: front fog lights and rear fog lights, each with its symbol.

If you have fog lights on your vehicle, we recommend that you switch them on when weather conditions considerably reduce visibility (150 meters), especially if they drop below 50 meters, as they help you to see the road better over a short distance.

Here are the specific situations in which we recommend using them:

1. During the day, in thick fog, heavy snowfall, and heavy rain.

2. At night, on narrow, winding unlit roads, in addition to high beams.

When you're driving, your eyesight is your most important sense, as most of the information you need to know to drive safely is visual. In the event of fog or weather conditions that prevent the driver from seeing 150 meters or less, not only the motorist but also other road users are likely to be severely handicapped. Fog lights are therefore specially designed to help motorists see and be seen in difficult driving situations.

On the other hand, these lights enable them to be better seen by other drivers. Although these lights are very useful in foggy conditions, their brightness, three times greater than that of brake lights, can annoy and dazzle other road users following the motorist.

1. Park your vehicle on a flat surface and switch off the engine. Apply the handbrake.

2. Open the hood and locate the fog lamps.

3. Remove the power plug.

4. Remove the washer, bolt, and nut.

5. Remove stand.

6. Insert a new fog lamp.

7. Fit bolts.

8. Replace plugs.

9. Start the engine.

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