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How to attach skis to roof rack?

How to attach skis to roof rack?

If you're an avid skier, you know how difficult and time-consuming it can be to transport your skis and equipment every time you go on vacation or a weekend getaway. In many cases, the roof of your car is the best place to secure your snowboard, skis and poles. But you need to do it wisely by choosing the right solutions. This is a very practical method for skiers who want to transport their skis and ski equipment safely and effortlessly.

That's why many people decide to buy roof boxes and ski racks. It's an excellent idea and saves a lot of space in the trunk and passenger compartment. What's on the market?

Installing a roof box on a roof rack

One of the best ideas for transporting skis or snowboards is to install a roof box, often crudely referred to as a coffin. This is also the most expensive solution. You'll have to add the cost of the so-called base trunk, which is the cross member to which the box is attached. Of course, these are also more expensive. Base brackets are divided into two types - one is mounted on the rails, the other - usually on the gutters of cars where there are no rails. Roof racks have a number of advantages. First of all, you can put a lot of luggage in addition to your skis. Shoes, clothes - these things generally take up a lot of space, so we just have to remember not to exceed the authorized weight. Plus, your skis arrive clean, so they won't be exposed to salt, sand, or anything else that gets thrown up under the wheels of other cars. The trunks are locked to protect your luggage from theft. The trunks are locked to protect your luggage from theft. It's also one of the best solutions for mounting your skis on a roof rack!

Installing a roof box on a roof rack

Ski racks for roof racks

Some winter sports enthusiasts prefer ski racks because they're cheaper than a roof box and can hold up to six pairs of skis. But don't skimp on safety. You can find ski racks that lock to protect your equipment from theft. Some ski racks even come with magnets that make it easy to attach them to the roof. But be careful! Magnets can easily scratch your car's paint. To avoid this, you can place a thin layer of plastic wrap under the magnets to protect the car.

This will protect the roof of the car, but not the skis. With a ski rack, they are exposed on the roof. Especially in the winter, when you're driving through snow, slush and road salt, your equipment can get dirty and even damaged. A waterproof ski bag offers good protection. However, it's a good idea to test this design before you buy, as skis with a ski bag may not fit in the ski rack.


Ski racks on tow hooks

This is a rarer solution, but one that can make sense for a large vehicle, such as a 4x4 or MPV. Up to 6 to 8 pairs of skis can be carried vertically, with the option of placing a boot on the roof. Some models can be tilted to release the tailgate and give access to the boot, which is invaluable on the way to your holiday destination. Again, be aware of the overall height when you arrive at your resort's parking garage.

How do you put your skis in the ski rack?

For roof-mounted ski racks, with or without a roof rack, the skis should be placed with the tip up against the rear of the vehicle. This is the best way to limit fuel consumption. If the tips are placed at the front of the car, air may enter between the skis and cause the car to slow down. The skis must be firmly attached to each other so that they do not move when the ski rack is closed.

The last relative information to consider is the danger of snow for the car's paint. We can only advise you to dry your skis thoroughly before putting them on the roof of the car. Otherwise, the car could oxidize in places.

People who want to put their skis in the car can do so in any direction. We simply advise them to choose a cover to put the skis in. This will have several advantages: it will protect the car's upholstery and prevent snow from damaging the skis.

Skis placed on the towball should be secured with straps and ski rack bars to prevent them from moving. There is no direction, although the tips of the skis are generally up.

When you get home, don't put the skis away without cleaning them. Take a basin of fresh, warm water and a little soap and give them a good scrubbing to restore their shine. Then put them back in their original cover or packaging to prevent further damage.

Three main options

There are a number of options available to you for the transportation of your skis to your next mountain destination. Whether you have a small car or a large SUV, ski racks on the roof and trunk or a cargo box make it easy to travel with your gear. The cost and pros and cons of each option vary greatly, but you're sure to find something that fits your needs.

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