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2013 Dodge Ram Bed Cover and Tonneau Cover

How to choose the right tonneau cover for you?

A wide variety of tonneau covers are available, ranging from different materials to folding styles. Each type caters to specific needs. Come and select the one that best suits your preferences for a relaxing journey.

- Aluminum honeycomb panels, aluminum profiles, plastic components, and seals.
- Uniform weight-bearing supports, capable of sustaining up to 220 lbs.
- After folding the bed cover, you can easily access the truck bed, with up to two-thirds of the passages being usable.
- It boasts theft, water, and UV resistant features, while also being easily cleanable with soap and water.
- The stylish and understated aesthetics add a touch of sophistication, enhancing the overall appearance of the truck.

- Provides more entry space than a regular Tri-fold. Allows up to ¾ bed access without removal.
- Other features and materials are the same as Tri-fold.

- Fiberglass and PP Honeycomb
- Over 350lb load-bearing capacity. It significantly surpasses that of standard aluminum counterparts.
- When fully folded up, it maximizes bed space utilization to two-thirds.
- It exhibits superior resistance against pressure and scratches
- The utilization of a matte color scheme, along with an integrated overall aluminum alloy frame color scheme, elevates the visual appeal, rendering the product a more high-end aesthetic.

- The soft fold covers are crafted from double-sided tear-resistant vinyl, coupled with a heavy-duty aluminum frame that is powder-coated.
- Fold the cover to the end, leaving up to two-thirds of the space available.
- It comes fully assembled, allowing for tool-free, no-drill installation.
- Enhances gas mileage performance and reduces fuel consumption.
- It provides a clean look for an enhanced aesthetic appeal.

- Offers more access space compared to a Tri-fold. Provides room for a maximum of three-quarters of the bed without requiring disassembly.
- Other features and materials remain consistent with the Tri-fold design.

- The tear-resistant leather-grain vinyl fabric and aluminum frame
- Enjoy free control over the desired space size by simply rolling up the lid, allowing for a fully opened configuration to accommodate larger loads.
- This design not only ensures maximum economic efficiency but can also improve fuel economy by up to 12 percent.
- The product offers a unique and stylish appearance for your truck.

Hard Folding Tonneau covers
Durable and exceptionally protective|Starting at $ 379.99

Constructed from durable materials, these covers provide maximum impact, theft, and weather resistance, offering truck owners a rugged and reliable solution. Rigid folding tonneau covers enhance the security of truck compartments, thwarting theft of valuable cargo and safeguarding against natural disasters. A popular choice among truck owners seeking a versatile and durable solution to protect cargo and enhance the overall appearance of their vehicle. Additionally, we offer both Tri-fold and Quad-fold folding options to cater to a broader range of usage scenarios.

Soft Folding Tonneau Covers
Simple to install with a stylish appearance|Starting at $169.99

Soft-folding tonneau covers present an excellent option for individuals seeking a cost-effective and practical solution to protect their cargo. Installation of these covers is often straightforward, with most models requiring no drilling or permanent modifications to the truck. Crafted from durable materials such as vinyl or heavy-duty fabrics, soft folding tonneau covers strike a balance between resilience and flexibility. The soft material folds easily, providing quick access to the truck compartment when needed.

Soft Roll Up Tonneau Covers
Lightweight and cost-effective|Starting at $ 151.99

One of the primary advantages of the soft roll-up tonneau cover is its ease of use. The quick, hassle-free operation makes them a convenient option for those who frequently load and unload items in their trucks. The weather-resistant material used in their construction shields the truck bed liner from rain, snow, and UV rays, preventing damage and corrosion over time. This also contributes to addressing fuel efficiency concerns to some extent without significant costs.

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