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Window Regulator

Frequently Asked Questions

A window regulator is a mechanical system that raises and lowers a window in your vehicle to allow fresh air into the cabin. It is located inside the door. Depending on the age and equipment of your vehicle, these components may be operated manually or by small electrical controls. There is one window regulator for each window. This system is connected to a switch (electric model) or crank (manual model) that allows you to control the opening and closing of your car's windows. Until the 1980s, almost all cars had manual window regulators. You had to turn the crank by hand to raise or lower the window. For several years now, all cars except certain inexpensive models have been equipped with power window regulators.

Step 1: Remove door components. Begin by removing the mirror cover, handle surround, and speaker cover.

Step 2: Speaker removal. Remove the speaker and disconnect the terminal.

Step 3: Window trim removal.

Step 4: Trim removal. Remove the 4 screws holding the trim in place.

Step 5: Insulation removal. Remove the insulation fleece that is glued around the door.

Step 6: Handle removal. At this stage, you can see the window and the window lift mechanism, but you still can't access it. You'll need to remove the handle.

Step 7: Drilling the Rivets. You will now need to drill the 5 rivets that hold the window regulator rails to the door.

Step 8: Detach the wires. Last steps before removal of the window regulator from the door.

Step 9: Removing the window regulator. Once the window is removed from the door, remove the window regulator.

Step 1: Mounting the motor. Mount the motor to your new window regulator.

Step 2: Mounting the window regulator. After repairing or replacing the window regulator motor, it must be reassembled. Place your window regulator in the door where you want it.

Step 3: Mounting the window. Reattach the electrical wires to the appropriate locations and attach the white clip to the window regulator cross cable.

Step 4: Handle assembly. Begin by threading the insulating fleece over the 2 opening system rods. Position the handle in its slot, hold it firmly, and snap the rods into the blue clips on the handle one at a time, applying light pressure.

Step 5: Installing the insulating fleece. Now it's time to install the batting. Simply press down on the glued area to bring the foam back into contact.

Step 6: Fitting the inner rail.

Step 7: Place the white clips from the disassembly into the U-shaped slots on the trim.

Step 8: Clip the panel to the door, starting at the bottom.

Step 9: Screw in the 4 Torx screws on the trim.

Step 10: Fit the handle surround, rearview mirror cover, and speaker cover.

Step 11: Install the exterior trim. You'll need to install the glass, starting with the front piece and pressing it in from end to end.

On average, a window regulator mechanism alone will cost you between $80 and $100, depending on the make and model you choose. You'll also need to add the cost of labor: expect to pay an average of $150 for a new power window regulator, including parts and labor.

The time required depends on the complexity of the mechanism and your experience with car repairs. In general, it can take several hours. Good planning and patience are essential for a successful window regulator replacement.

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