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How to clean an exhaust tip?

How to clean an exhaust tip?

Why clean exhaust tips?

Exhaust tips are put to the test. Inside they often have deposits of nitrogen, water vapor, carbon dioxide and hydrocarbons. On the outside there are mineral deposits, sand, dirt and tar. Many people are not in the habit of cleaning their mufflers. Without regular maintenance, carbon will build up. This is not an aesthetically pleasing sight. If the tailpipe also accumulates too much debris, both inside and out, your vehicle could lose power and make annoying noises.

The good news is that there are several ways to clean tailpipes. The ones we've outlined here are easy to use. Find out how to remove rust from your exhaust tips and make them shine like new.

How do you clean your exhaust tips?

Step 1: Cleaning of your exhaust tips

As with cleaning your car or motorcycle, use lukewarm water and soap to clean your exhaust tips. You can also use a steam cleaner. Steam is an effective method, but steam cleaners are often expensive. If you use soap and water, you'll find that the bucket fills up quickly with dirt. Don't hesitate to change the water in the bucket and add more soap. Use a damp cloth to remove the last traces of soap and dirt.

Step 2: Polish your exhaust tips

Now that you've finished cleaning your exhaust tips, that doesn't mean they're beautiful again. Before you continue with this step, make sure the tips are really clean. Run your finger over them and see if any dirt remains on your finger. Is there hardly any on your finger? Then you can polish the tips to make them shine again. Choose a (metallic) polish that matches the material of the muffler: stainless steel or chrome. This product removes thin layers of discoloration and oxidation from the exhaust pipe. The polish adds a pleasant, shiny finish while protecting the material.

Step 3: Protect Your Tips

The best thing you can do is prevent your exhaust tips from rusting. To do this, we recommend the use of a multi-functional product. It cleans and protects your exhaust pipe from rust, oxidation and discoloration. Spray the product onto the exhaust pipe, let it work for a few moments and then wipe it off with a microfiber cloth. You can repeat this process every two to three weeks. The exhaust pipe is in a delicate position, so make your life easier with Double Position Spray. Place the straw of the spray can upside down so you can target the areas you want to clean.

Exhaust tip cleaning tips

Cleaning Muffler Tips with Vinegar

If you have a chrome exhaust pipe or have just covered it with a chrome tip, be aware that this type of metal is more prone to scratching. In this case, this second method will help you remove rust from the tips without damaging the metal of your pipe.

For your information, there are two tips for using vinegar to clean a dirty tailpipe:

Cleaning with Vinegar and a Cloth

What you need:

  • White vinegar (preferably)
  • A soft cloth

Here's how it works: Soak the cloth in vinegar. Then roll it over the rusty part of the exhaust pipe. The longer you let the acidic vinegar work, the better the result. All you have to do is rinse the pipe with water and you'll have a clean, shiny tailpipe.

Cleaning with Vinegar and Tin Foil

As you can see, vinegar is an effective natural product for cleaning rusty, blackened tailpipes. However, sometimes a more effective method is needed. In that case, try this aluminum foil trick. How does it work? It's simple: make a ball of aluminum foil and soak it in vinegar. Use this wet ball to remove the dirt that accumulates on your exhaust pipe.

Cleaning with Coca-Cola

You can remove dirt from your exhaust tips by cleaning them with Coca-Cola. Like vinegar, the phosphoric acid in this juice removes all kinds of debris from inside and outside the pipe. Whether it's removing carbon deposits from exhaust fumes or road debris (sand, mud, tar...).

The best way to remove your exhaust tips is with this simple trick. Just soak them in a bucket of cola juice for several hours. For best results, two days would be ideal. This method will also allow you to check the condition of your bolts. If they're rusty and won't clean, you'll need to think about buying new bolts. These parts are important if you want your exhaust tips to do their job properly.

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