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How to replace the window regulator?

How to replace the window regulator?

Also known as a window lifter, this vehicle component is used to raise the vehicle's windows. Manual window regulators are becoming increasingly rare and are being replaced by power window regulators to provide greater convenience and ease of use for drivers and passengers. This article will tell you everything you need to know about left and right window regulators.

What are the signs of a faulty left or right window regulator?

Before we look at the various symptoms that indicate wear and tear on this component, it's important to understand its role and how it works.

Lowering your car's windows renews the air in the cabin. As previously mentioned, there are two types of window regulators: manual and electric. The manual model is mainly found in older cars. It involves manually operating the control to raise or lower the window. The power model, on the other hand, is becoming more common. The driver has a control to operate all the windows in the car, including the rear ones.

For the latter, there are two types of operation: cable or scissors.

There are two types of controls: sequential controls, which operate with a single push. Then there's the classic control, which requires continuous pressure to open or close.

Since this system is heavily used by the driver and passengers, it can break down. This can be due to a cable in poor condition or a faulty contact. The main symptoms of a malfunction are as follows:

  • You may hear abnormal noises such as rattling or squealing.
  • You may notice an unusual slowdown when you try to lower or raise the window.
  • The window stops responding, although you can still hear the sound of the window regulator motor. If this is not the case, the motor needs to be replaced.

If you're experiencing any of these symptoms, it's a good idea to have an inspection performed to better analyze the source of the problem. Once this has been correctly identified, the next step is to proceed with the replacement.

Replacing an electric window regulator

Step 1 Remove door components

First, you'll need to remove the door panels. To do this, first remove the rearview mirror cover, handle surround, and speaker cover by prying them apart with a flathead screwdriver, taking care not to break the fasteners.

Step 2 Speaker removal

Remove the speaker and disconnect the clamp.

Step 3 Remove the rods

Next, you'll need to remove the rods from around the glass. First the outer ones, then the inner ones if you have room. Slide a flathead screwdriver underneath and pry them out.

Step 4 Remove the trim

Unscrew the 4 screws holding the trim in place. 1 next to the handle, 1 at armrest level, and 2 at speaker level. Gently pull on the trim to remove it, trying to break as few clips as possible. There are 7 in all, distributed around the perimeter of the part. Use a screwdriver and pliers to remove these white clips from the metal frame.

Step 5 Remove Insulation

Pull lightly on the veil and use a cutter to cut through the polyurethane foam adhesive.

Step 6 Handle removal

You'll need a drill with a 5 mm metal bit. Drill out the rivet holding the handle to the door. You'll now need to remove the 2 small clips that hold the 2 rods of the door opener. Use a flathead screwdriver to pry them off.

Step 7 Drill the Rivets

You've now removed all components that block access to the window regulator. Now you need to drill the 5 rivets that hold the window regulator rails to the door. Remove the last white clip holding one of the window regulator cables by pinching it and pushing it down with a screwdriver.

Step 8 Final Components

Disconnect the wires under the motor held in place by a black clip. Then disconnect the power terminal from the window regulator motor using a small flathead screwdriver. Use a small screwdriver to push down on the white plastic part in the hole. Lever it out completely.

Step 9 Removing the Window Regulator

Once the window has been removed from the door, remove the window regulator, being careful not to damage the electrical wiring.

Step 10 Recovering the Engine

Now you can identify the problem. Disassemble the motor and install it in the new system, if not already installed.

Step 11 Install the window regulator

Mount the motor to your new window regulator, lubricate with universal grease, and place your new window regulator in the door in the correct position.

Step 12 Test Window Regulator Operation

Connect the electrical terminal, turn on the ignition, and push the button.

Step 13 Position Electrical Wires Correctly

Use rivet pliers to secure the rails and motor. Select a rivet of the correct size and length.

Step 14 Reassemble the window

Reattach the electrical wires to the appropriate locations and secure the white clip to the window regulator cross cable. Replace the window regulator, being careful. It must be aligned with the front of the fixed rail and clipped back onto its 2 white plastic supports.

Step 15 Reassemble Handle

Start by threading the insulating fleece over the 2 opening system rods. Position the handle in its slot, hold it firmly, and snap the rods into the blue clips on the handle one at a time, pressing lightly. Use your riveting pliers to secure the handle.

Step 16 Installing the Fleece

Now it's time to install the batting. Simply press down on the glued area to bring the foam back into contact.

Step 15 Reassemble Trim

Start by replacing the interior trim. Then place the white clips you retrieved during disassembly into the U-shaped slots on the trim. Clip the trim to the door starting at the bottom. Before clipping the top, insert the trim into the trim strip. Tighten the 4 Torx screws on the trim. Insert and tighten the speaker. Replace the handle contour, rearview mirror cover, and speaker cover. Finally, reattach the outer trim. You'll need to reinstall the window, so start by pushing the front part in, using light pressure from one end to the other to avoid distorting it. There's an indicator to let you know if you're aligned correctly or not. You've now completed your window regulator replacement.

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