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How to use roof rack?

How to use roof rack?

It's not uncommon for drivers of motor vehicles to fill their passenger compartments with belongings, suitcases, and other items of all kinds. However, this is often dangerous, and it's to meet this need for space while increasing driver safety that car roof racks have been created. This special equipment allows users to install certain items they wish to transport on the roof of their car. Once securely fastened to the roof rack, these items free up space in the passenger compartment.

Roof Racks: Definition

Roof racks are components that can be installed on the roofs of certain cars and motor vehicles to allow drivers to transport a greater amount of goods, or goods that are significantly larger than what the vehicle could normally hold. Thanks to roof racks, motorists will be able to install furniture, equipment, or boxes that would not normally fit in the trunk during various journeys requiring the transport of bulky goods. Users who wish to do so can also install an additional box on the roof rack, known as a roof box, which allows them to store and transport more small items in their vehicle.

What are roof racks used for?

Roof racks can be extremely useful in a number of situations where users need to transport bulky goods or equipment. Such situations can arise in connection with

  • Going on vacation, especially if the driver and passengers decide to take bicycles, skis, or surfboards.
  • A trip to a waste collection center, whether to dispose of furniture, electrical equipment, or bulky green waste.
  • Moving, especially when the driver has to transport bulky items that cannot always be disassembled, such as beds, sofas, or wardrobes.

With a MOSTPLUS roof rack, you're ready to embark on an adventure, guaranteed to take everything you want with you. Our roof racks are the starting point for carrying the extra equipment you need to live your passions, with roof boxes, bike racks, ski racks, and kayak carriers.

What are roof racks used for

There's a MOSTPLUS roof rack solution for every make and model of car. You can use a MOSTPLUS roof rack for

  • Roof boxes - extra space for all your gear
  • Bike Racks - All types of bikes, for quick and easy bike rack mounting
  • Watersports Racks - Racks for kayaks, surfboards and SUPs
  • Winter Sports Racks - Skis and snowboards, ready for action in minutes

Which roof rack fits my car?

Most roof rack systems include roof bars, feet and mounting kits. The bars are used to carry the load, the feet are used to attach to a specific type of roof, and the mounting kit is used to attach the bars to your car model. At MOSTPLUS, we sell our roof racks as complete systems, so you get roof racks, feet and mounting kits in a single package.

All you have to do is go to the roof rack page and enter the make, model, year and roof type of your vehicle. We'll then provide you with the complete kit for your vehicle. Yes, it's that simple!

Which roof rack fits my car

How do I choose a roof rack?

How do I choose a roof rack? With us, there's only one question to answer: do you prefer an optimized load surface or a sleek design? You can think about what you need. Here are three suggestions:

  • Aerodynamic and quiet: roof racks for exceptionally quiet, aerodynamic riding.
  • Carry anything that's heavy
  • Easy loading

If you're thinking of installing or replacing your roof rack, come to MOSTPLUS and pick one up!

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